Overview of Summer Positions Filled Each Year

Interlochen Arts Camp hires over 900 employees each summer in over 100 different positons. Below are the various positons filled each summer.

Instructional/Artistic Positions
Instructor of Music
Instructor of Motion Picture Arts
Instructor of Environmental Science
Instructor of Alexander Technique
Instructor of Music
Instructor of Yoga
Instructor of Visual Arts
Instructor of Dance
Instructor of Theatre Arts
Instructor of Creative Writing
Visual Art Gallery and Presentations Coordinator
Kiln Technician
Manager of Staff and Studio Operations
Visual Arts Studio Assistant
Studio Technician Visual Arts
Kaminski Dance Assistant
Assistant Choreographer Theatre
Assistant to the Director Theatre
Ensemble Manager
Teaching Fellow
Teaching Assistants: Brass, Piano, String, Percussion, Theory/Comp, Winds, Harp
Collaborative Pianist
Creative Writing Assistant
Motion Picture Arts Staff Assistant- Animation, Documentary, Production
Interlochen Ensemble
Institute Faculty Music
Institute Staff Music
Institute Faculty Theatre
Institute Faculty Visual Arts
Institute Faculty Dance
Institute Collaborative Musician-Dance

Operational/Technical Positions
Academic Library Intern
Archives Assistant
Music Reference Intern
Ensemble Librarian Intern
Alumni Engagement Internship
Instrument Services Assistant
Piano Technician
Repair Technician String (Orchestral)
Instrument Repair Technician Band
Greenleaf Curator
Education Office Assistant
Recording Engineer
Apprentice Designer/Stitcher Costume, Super Stitcher Costume, Stitcher/Costume Assistant
Stage Manager
Junior Assistant Theatre
Assistant Technical Director
Assistant Technical Director-Scenic Designer
Master Carpenter
Master Electrician
Props Assistant
Props Master
Scenic Artist
Front-of-House Staff
Front-of-House Manager
Front-of-House Supervisor
Production Services
Production Lead Stage Technician
Production Lead Audio Technician
Box Office Staff
Box Office Supervisor
Advancement Intern
Marketing and Communications Internship
Video Internship
Photography Internship
Information Booth
Information Booth Coordinator
Program Office Supervisor
Program Office Staff
Admissions Intern
Scheduling Office Assistant
Percussion Coordinator
Assistant Percussion Coordinator
Stage Services Manager
Stage Services Assistant
Stage Services
Cash Receipts Clerk
Retail Store Staff
Staff Hall Counselor
Transportation Driver
Bus Driver
Pedestrian Safety Officer
Safety Officer
Dining Services Manager
Dining Services Attendant
Salad Prep Staff
Bakery Staff
Catering Staff
Melody Cafe Clerk
Coffee Tent Barista
Stone Hotel Desk Staff
Minnesota Building Host
Mailroom Assistant

Residence Life /Recreation/Waterfront/Ropes Course
Division Director
Camp Life Division Assistant Director
Cabin Counselor/Unit Leader
Cabin Counselor/Recreation Director
Cabin Counselor/Waterfront Director
Cabin Counselor (7 week position)
Institute Division Director
Institute Assistant Director
Institute Cabin Counselor (1½ week position)
Institute Office Manager
Recreation Manager
Recreation/Challenge Course Lead
Recreation/Challenge Course Assistant
Waterfront Manager
Stone Waterfront /Boat Cave Director
Lifeguard/Small Craft Instructor
Lead Craft Instructor

Health Services
Coordinator of Health Services Assistants
Camp Nurse
Health Services Assistant
Camp Nurse Supervisor
Health Services Secretary
Camp Health Care Provider